Marginalia -- The Journal of the Medieval Reading Group at Cambridge

Vol. 20: Volume XX, Autumn 2016

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Complete issue.
Acknowledgements and Foreword.


‘Bede and Merlion and Arsaladone’: The persistence of short verse prophecies in late-medieval England' -- Kate Edwards (Cambridge)

'Christic Love and Motherly Sorrow: The Mariology of Julian of Norwich' -- Bernardo S. Hinojosa (Cambridge)

(Review) Annie Sutherland, English Psalms in the Middle Ages 1300-1450 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015) -- Alicia C. Smith (Cambridge)

(Review) Robin Lane Fox, Augustine: Conversions to Confessions (Basic Books, 2015) -- Bernardo S. Hinojosa (Cambridge)

Editorial Board
IIssue Editor: Suxue Zhang (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)
Review Editors: Sean Geddes (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature);
Jitka ŠTOLLOVÁ (Trinity College, Cambridge, Literature)
Design Editor: Tony Harris (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic)
Advisory Board
Dr Ruth Ahnert (Queen Mary, University of London, Literature)
Dr Laura Ashe (Worcester College, Oxford, Literature)
Dr Joanna Bellis (Pembroke College, Cambridge, Literature)
Dr Elizabeth Boyle (St Edmund's College, Cambridge, Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic)
Dr Helen Brookman (Exeter College, Oxford, Literature)
Dr Aisling Byrne (Merton College, Oxford, Literature)
Prof. Helen Cooper (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)
Dr Richard Dance (St Catharine's College, Cambridge, Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic)
Dr. Eric Denton (Trinity College, Cambridge, Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic)
Dr Catherine Eagleton (Curator in the Department of Coins & Medals, British Museum, History of Science)
Dr Mary Flannery (Queen Mary, University of London (Literature))
Dr Kathryn A. Lowe (University of Glasgow, Literature)
Dr John Marenbon (Trinity College, Cambridge, Philosophy)
Dr Robert Mills (University College London, Literature, Visual Culture & Theory)
Dr Sophie Page (University College London, History)
Dr Anke Timmermann (University of Glasgow, History and Philosophy of Science)
Dr Katie Walter (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany, Literature)
Dr James Wade (Christ's College, Cambridge, Literature)
Journal Committee
Brianne Dougher (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)
Marcel Elias (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)
Abigail Glen (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)
Tony Harris (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic)
Rosie Lintott (Trinity College, Cambridge, Literature)
Arabella Milbank (Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Literature)
Charlotte Reinbold (Robinson College, Cambridge, Literature)
Shirley Zhang (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)

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