Marginalia -- The Journal of the Medieval Reading Group at Cambridge

Editorial Board
Ingrid Abreu Scherer (Emmanuel College, Cambridge) -- Literature
Katie Chambers (St. John's College, Cambridge) -- Divinity/History
Mary Flannery (Pembroke College, Cambridge) -- Literature
Julian Hendrix (King's College, Cambridge) -- History
Anke Timmermann (Robinson College, Cambridge) -- HPS
Sandy Vaughan (Robinson College, Cambridge) -- History
Diane Vincent (Girton College, Cambridge) -- Literature
Katie Walter (King's College, Cambridge) -- Literature
Advisory Board
Dr. Laura Ashe (Gonville & Caius, Cambridge) -- Literature
Prof. Helen Cooper (Magdalene College, Cambridge) -- Literature
Dr. Catherine Eagleton (Curator in the Department of Coins & Medals, British Museum) -- History of Science
Dr. Kathryn A. Lowe (University of Glasgow) -- Literature
Dr. John Marenbon (Trinity College, Cambridge) -- Philosophy
Dr. Robert Mills (King's College London) -- Literature, Visual Culture & Theory
Dr. Sophie Page (University College London) -- History

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