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28 August 2004: Thanks to Emily J. Hutchison, one of our latest contacts, we now have our first bibliography up on our Bibliographies page. Take a look! We are eager to get much more content up on our Bibliographies page, however, so please contact Ingrid Abreu Scherer ( if you would like to contribute a bibliography. Do not be put off by our somewhat limited list of subject headings -- the bibliographies can be on virtually any subject pertaining to the Middle Ages!
18 August 2004: Many thanks to all who have sent in their contact and research interest information forms! The forms now allow you to input personal or academic websites and to indicate whether or not you would like to receive any email updates or newsletters in the future. If you have already completed a form and have not had the opportunity to make this choice, you will not be sent any email newsletters. If you would like to receive future email updates, please contact Mary Flannery (
14 August 2004: We now have several contacts listed under Worldwide Contacts and Cambridge Contacts, and hope to add many more in the coming weeks. If you would like to contribute contact and research information to our site, please use the Submit Contact Information form provided.
There is now also a forum that can be used for discussion. Currently the only board we have is a discussion board regarding the development of this website, but when the academic year begins we will create discussion boards for a variety of topics. Please feel free to try out the forum!
12 August 2004: The website for the Faculty of English at Cambridge now has a link to Many thanks to Jen Pollard, the Computer Officer, for making it possible!
10 August 2004: A form is now available on the website for medievalists to use to submit contact and research interest information. Please click on Submit Contact Information under Contacts in the menu above to complete the form, which will automatically be forwarded to us. We will post new contact information as soon as possible after it has been received.
09 August 2004: While we are in the process of building the MRG website and producing the first issue of MARGINALIA, this space will contain a series of updates on our progress. This will enable members of the MRG and medievalists around the world to keep track of the various improvements and additions made to the website over the following months.
The domain '' has now been transferred over to our server, so the website can now be accessed by typing '' into your browser bar. Should you notice that particular images or portions of text are not appearing properly, please contact us via our Comments form and let us know.
We still do not have our Cambridge Contacts page ready, nor do we yet have an online form for medievalists to use to enter their contact and research interest information for the Worldwide Contacts page. However, we hope to have the form ready within the next two weeks.
Dates for the Medieval Graduate Seminars (which will be held in the new Faculty building on West Road at the Sidgwick Site) are not yet available, but we will post information regarding dates and speakers as soon as it becomes available.

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