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This page contains contact and research information for medievalists around the world who share an interest in creating and contributing to an online community for medieval studies. The list of UK and international contacts on this page will expand throughout the 2004-2005 academic year.

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Abdullah Alger
Email: abdullah.alger-2 (
Institution: University of Manchester
Period: 700-1100
Research: I am particularly interested in palaeography in both Latin and the vernacular in Anglo-Saxon England. My current research is on the readers and audience of the manuscripts written by the Exeter Book scribe, which analyses rhetorical and stylistic devices, punctuation, and oral and literate textual traditions of the tenth century.
Posted 2004-2005

Johan Bergstrom-Allen
Email: johan (
Institution: University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Period: 1300-1500
Research: I am currently performing research for a PhD on the vernacular (English) literature produced by Carmelite friars in the British Isles in the late Middle Ages.
Posted 2004-2005

Alaric Hall
Email: alaric (
Institution: University of Glasgow
Period: 500-1100
Research: My research aims to reconstruct and interpret key aspects of medieval world-views, focusing on the world-views of groups other than intellectual elites. My doctoral research, for example, looked at beliefs in 'elves' in medieval England, affording a case-study in the changing character and significance of non-Christian belief. I integrate a range of methodological approaches to these issues, including textual, linguistic and archaeological evidence. I work mainly on the British Isles and Scandinavia and mainly on the early medieval period--but on other times and places as well. :-)
Posted 2004-2005

Joni Hand
Email: JoniH (
Institution: CUNY Graduate Center, NY (St. Francis College, NY)
Period: 500-700, 1100-1500
Research: My primary interest is in the cult of saints as it is manifest in visual imagery. Illuminated manuscripts pertaining to saints' lives from Italy and France are also a research interest of mine. I can read French and Italian and a little Latin.
Posted 2004-2005

Patricia Har
Email: prh27 (
Institution: Cornell University
Period: 900-1500
Research: French and English medieval literature (Old and Middle English & Old French); hagiographic and confessional narratives; intersections in the composition of personal and historical narrative/fiction; contemporary appropriations of the medieval; and literary theory.
Posted 2004-2005

Patrick Hornbeck
Email: patrick.hornbeck (
Institution: St Cross College/Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford
Period: 1300-1500
Research: My research focuses on the genesis and evolution of medieval heretical movements, especially the dissenting 'Lollard' communities which developed in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century England. As a theologian venturing (hopefully with care) into the provinces of literary and historical scholars, I hope to study the changing ways and idioms with which dissenters expressed their objections to the institutional church. Other interests include Catharism, Waldensianism, contemporary Roman Catholic ecclesiology, and the phenomenon of dissent in 21st-century religion.
Posted 2004-2005

Emily J. Hutchison
Email: ejh120 (
Alternate email: emilyjhutchison (
Institution: Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
Period: 1300-1500
Research: I am mainly interested in political history in the later Middle Ages, 1350-1500. I specialize in French history.

I am entering the third year of my PhD at York. My PhD thesis examines the duke of Burgundy's use of propaganda during the first stage of civil war in France, 1404-1419.

My other interests include the Hundred Years War, and late medieval political literature, particularly that which relates to the civil war in France. My Master's thesis (York, 2001-2002) was entitled: 'Health and Illness in the Body Politic: Christine de Pizan's Response to the Civil War in Early Fifteenth Century France (1405-1413)'.
Posted 2004-2005

Thomas Lyon
Email: lyonnnn (
Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Period: 700-900, 1300-1500
Research: Bertrand Du Guesclin; gothic architecture (1000-1200)
Posted 2004-2005

James Maiello
Email: jvmaiello (
Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Period: 1100-1500
Research: Medieval music & liturgy (plainchant)
Music for the Asperges
15th century plainchant & polyphony
Medieval Italian society & politics
Languages (primarily reading):
Posted 2004-2005

Nicole Marafioti
Email: (
Institution: Cornell University
Period: 700-1100
Research: I work on early medieval history and Old English literature, focusing especially on: medieval notions of sin; hagiography and saints' cults; Anglo-Saxon homilists; popular piety; monsters and monstrosity; food and consumption.
Posted 2004-2005

Camarin Porter
Email: cmporter (
Institution: University of Wisconsin at Madison
Period: 1300-1500
Research: I'm interested in the history of the Franciscan order in general, and 14th-century intellectual history. My research so far has focused on Fransican theologians at Oxford and Paris during the 1320s and 1330s, especially Chatton and Ockham. I'm interested in tracking the scriptural command to love one's neighbour (and consequently to love God) through the theological and philosophical debates of this period, although I've recently shifted interest a bit and am looking at this topic in biblical commentaries from the 14th century. My languages are Latin, French, German, and Italian.
Posted 2004-2005

Yael Raizman
Email: yraizman (
Institution: Haifa University, Israel
Period: 1100-1300
Research: I am interested in medieval philosophy (especially epistemology and perception), science and music. The M.A. thesis I have just submitted focused on Robert Grosseteste and Albertus Magnus, and their treatment of light as divided in two (lux and lumen). My current research focuses on an attempt to find within musical Latin texts hints to an epistemology based not on vision and visual forms, but on hearing or on sounds as closest to being and truth. I begin with Boethius and Augustine, and see where I get.
Posted 2004-2005

William Rossiter
Email: wtrossiter (
Alternative email: satyrane (
Institution: The University of Liverpool
Period: 1300-1500
Research: My research interests lie mainly in the sphere of cultural and textual interaction between Italy and England in the late-medieval and early-modern periods. In particular I am interested in the influence of the work of Francesco Petrarca (or Petrarch) upon English poetics from Chaucer to Wyatt. The late-medieval reception of the trecentisti (Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio)as a whole, and the progression of English lyric form part of my wider syncretic interest.
Posted 2004-2005

William Sayers
Email: ws36 (
Institution: Cornell University
Period: 1100-1300
Research: Western European languages and literatures (Germanic, Romance, Celtic), with a current interest in the literary deployment of specialized lexicon (hunting, seafaring, trades, warfare); cross-cultural contacts as reflected in language; interfaces with other disciplines (archaeology, legal, economic and military history).
Posted 2004-2005

Nhora Lucia Serrano
Email: nserrano (
Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Period: 1100-1500
Research: I am a comparatist at heart. And so, I am interested in late medieval Spain and late medieval France. I work specifically with the manuscripts which came from the scriptorium of Alfonso X, el sabio, and the collected works of Christine de Pizan. My interests are in illuminated manuscripts, writings that are considered to be Royal historiography, and writings that contain the figures of the Virgin Mary, Sibyl, Archangel Gabriel, biblical prophets, and classical myths. I am also very much interested in the role of the visual and the role of women in these time periods and in these languages.

My languages are: Spanish, French, Italian, Galician-Portuguese and Latin.
Posted 2004-2005

Erik Spindler
Email: erik.spindler (
Institution: Oriel College, Oxford
Period: 1300-1500
Research: My research is on marginals in England and the Low Countries (mostly London and Bruges) and on cross-Channel migration, with wider interests in urban culture in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.
Posted 2005-2006

Tiago Viúla de Faria
Email: genetour (
Institution: Ordem da Cavalaria do Sagrado Portugal; Institute for Medieval Studies - New Univ. of Lisbon
Period: 1300-1500
Research: My main research interest is chivalry in theory and practice during the late Middle Ages. I have worked on several aspects of this, especially the portrayal of chivalry in sources related to the battle of Najera (1367).

Specific interests: Western European knighthood and chivalry; Chivalric and court culture; Warfare and military technology; Anglo-Portuguese relations; methodologies and the employment of historical re-enactment.

My research has been focusing essentially on the Portuguese and English territories and their cultural spheres.

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish. Fair knowledge of Latin and French.
Posted 2004-2005

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