Syon Abbey Bibliography

Syon Abbey Bibliography Syon Abbey: An Introductory Bibliography, in Chronological Order Syon Abbey: An Introductory Bibliography, in Chronological Order
This bibliography has been provided by Laura Saetveit Miles at the University of Cambridge. Posted 9th June 2005

St. Bridget
Sahlin, Claire. Birgitta of Sweden and the Voice of Prophecy (Rochester: Boydell Press, 2001)
Morris, Bridget. St. Birgitta of Sweden (Rochester: Boydell Press, 1999)
Harris, Marguerite Tjader, ed; Albert Ryle Kezel, trans; Tore Nyberg, intro. Birgitta of Sweden: Life and Selected Revelations (New York: Paulist Press, 1990)
[Good introduction and accessible translation of the original Latin Revelationes]
Syon Abbey: History & Texts
Gillespie, Vincent. Syon Abbey Library Catalogue. Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues Vol. 9. (London: The British Library, 2001)
[The original catalogue of the men’s library]
Bell, David. What Nuns Read: Books and Libraries in Medieval English Nunneries (Kalamazoo: Cistercian Publications, 1995)
[Excellent study; authoritative list of surviving nuns’ ms from all of England]
de Hamel, Christopher. The Library of the Bridgettine Nuns and their Peregrinations after the Reformation (Roxburghe Club, 1991)
[Breakthrough essay; handy outline of Syon’s surviving manuscripts]
Hogg, J. “Syon MS.6, A Medieval Brigittine Lectionary for the Use of the Syon Sisters,” Analecta Cartusiana 35: 10 (1990), 27-252
Ellis, Roger. The Liber Celestis of St. Bridget of Sweden, Vol 1, EETS 291 (1987)
[Authoritative Middle English version of the Revelaciones]
Hogg, J. The Rewyll of Seynt Sauioure and Other Middle English Brigittine Legislative Texts, vols. 2-4 (Salzburger Studien zur Anglistek und Amerikanistik: Salzburg, 1978-80)
Vol. 2: The MSS. Cambridge University Library Ff.6.33 and St. John’s College Cambridge 11 [facsimile] (1978);
Vol. 3: The Syon Additions for the Brethren and The Boke of Sygnes from the St. Paul’s Cathedral Library MS (1980);
Vol. 4: The Syon Additions for the Sisters from the British Library MS. Arundel 146 (1980)
[Less valuable than might be hoped; Vol. 1, History of Syon Abbey, never appeared]
Collins, Arthur Jeffries. The Bridgettine Breviary of Syon Abbey: from the MS with English Rubrics F. 4. 11 Magdelene College, Cambridge (Worcester: Stanbrook Abbey Press, 1969)
Fletcher, J.R. The Story of the English Bridgettines of Syon Abbey (South Brent: The Burleigh Press, 1933)
Proctor, F. and E. S. Dewick, eds. The Martirologe in Englysshe after the use of the chirche of Salisbury and as it is redde in Syon with addicyons (Henry Bradshaw Society, III, 1893)
Blunt, John. The Myroure of our Ladye, EETS e.s. 19 (1873)
[Extremely comprehensive overview of Bridgettine liturgy and life; only edition of the Myroure]
Aungier, G.J. The History and Antiquities of Syon Monastery, The Parish of Ilseworth and the Chapelry of Hounslow (London, 1840)
[Very thorough; also contains the complete text of the Syon Additions for the nuns]
Syon Abbey: Criticism
Grise, Annette. “Women's devotional reading in late-medieval England and the gendered reader,” Medium Aevum: 71 (2002), 209-225
Erler, Mary C. Women, Reading and Piety in Late Medieval England (Cambridge University Press, 2002)
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Hutchison, Anne. “Devotional Reading in the Monastery and in the Late Medieval Household” in De Cella in Seculum: Religious and Secular Life and Devotion in Late Medieval England ed. by Michael G. Sargent (Cambridge: D.S.Brewer, 1989), 215-28
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Ellis, Roger. “‘Flores ad Fabricandam... Coronam’: An Investigation into the Uses of the Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden in Fifteenth-Century England,” Medium Aevum: 51 (1982), 163-186

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