Gender and Sexuality
Gender and Sexuality
This bibliography is intended as an introduction to the critical works on gender and sexuality published by medievalists in recent decades. It is by no means comprehensive, though I have tried to include all the major works which have influenced the debate. John Boswell's book, Christianity and Social Tolerance, for example, was instrumental in igniting the discussion of pre-modern sexuality, as well as having a significant impact on 1980s identity politics. In fact, many of the works included are important outside the field of medieval literary studies. Some, like Leo Steinberg's The Sexuality of Christ, seem to lie outside the usual chronology of the period, though their influence on discussion of medieval sexuality have been great. Though I have tried to limit the works included to general works on gender and sexuality, some studies of specific texts or authors have been very influential in the development of queer and gender theory. For example: Carolyn Dinshaw's Chaucer's Sexual Poetics revolutionized the study of sexuality of the middle ages, as did Caroline Walker Bynum's Holy Feast and Holy Fast, a must-read which divided the academic community when it was published in 1987.
The majority of work on medieval gender and sexuality is still published in books of collected essays - perhaps because this format maintains the idea of dialogue which has been so important in the development of the movement - but more likely because publishers are still reluctant to publish monographs on queer subjects! I have therefore included several books of essays in which the main proponents of these theories appear: Studying Medieval Women, Queering the Middle Ages, Becoming Male in the Middle Ages, Premodern Sexualities, and others. These books often also have additional bibliographies on the subject. As far as critics driving the queer and gender theory debate forward today go, the following names are always worth looking out for: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Carolyn Dinshaw, Sarah Salih, Peggy McCracken, Robert Mills, Karma Lochrie.
I have not included non-medievalist queer and gender theorists as this would have doubled the size of the bibliography, however the following critics have been especially influential to work on medieval gender and sexuality: Michel Foucault (especially The History of Sexuality ), Luce Irigaray (for example “La Mysterique” in Speculum of the Other Woman) and Judith Butler (Gender Trouble, and Bodies that Matter), among many.
This bibliography has been provided by Ingrid Abreu Scherer at the University of Cambridge. Please see our Cambridge Contacts page for details regarding her research and for her contact information.
Posted 5th October 2004

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