Notes to Authors and Contributors

The information on this page explains how to present your material in a way that makes it easy for us to process. Because our aims are to post material of a consistently high standard and also to maintain the uniform appearance of our website, we request that contributors to Marginalia follow these guidelines as closely as possible. If you follow these guidelines, we will be able to process and post your material more quickly and efficiently.

Please note that Marginalia is a journal published in English, and that we therefore only accept submissions in English.

Contributing a Bibliography
If you are interested in contributing a bibliography, please contact Ingrid Abreu Scherer (, who is the primary contact for the Bibliographies page.

Although annotated bibliographies are obviously highly useful, we find that they are rather difficult to format for posting on the web. Instead of annotated bibliographies, we ask that all those who contribute bibliographies to Marginalia include a brief 'introduction' to their lists of references (300 words or so). The introduction should include a few sentences about the subject of the bibliography, as well as information regarding particularly useful sources and the usefulness of the bibliography in general. If you wish to include more specific information regarding groups of sources, this can be done by creating subsections to your bibliography and including very brief annotations at the start of each subsection.

We request that contributors use the MHRA style guide (available online at to format their lists of references. Please also ensure that all spelling, punctuation, titles, dates, and names are correct.

Contributing an Article
Unless the Marginalia call for submissions stipulates a particular theme for the forthcoming volume, we will be happy to consider articles on any aspect of the Middle Ages in England. For the purposes of clarification, we consider the Middle Ages to encompass the years between 500 and 1500 AD, but will consider material that falls slightly outside these parameters if we feel it is particularly relevant to the study of medieval England. We will not consider editions or translations of text unless they are submitted as part of the relevant material for an article, nor will we publish any material that has been published previously (although we are happy to consider articles that have been presented as papers in conferences or seminars). Although we are happy to glance over brief abstracts before the final submission deadline, we will only consider articles that are in their final and complete form, barring any changes that our editors and readers may suggest before publication.

We request that submissions take the form of Microsoft Word email attachments accompanying emails to In the body of the email, please include the following information:
1. Your full name
2. The email address at which we should contact you (if it is different from the address from which you are writing)
3. The name of your institution (including the name of your department)
4. Your status (MPhil, Master's, MLitt, PhD, etc.)
5. The title of your submission
6. A total word count for your submission (including endnotes)
Please ensure that you do NOT include any identifying information in your actual Word attachment, but do ensure that you include the title of your submission in the attachment, as well as a total word count at the end of the document.

In general, we request that all formatting comply with the MHRA style guide (available online at Citations should take the form of endnotes, and submissions should be double-spaced throughout (including endnotes).

2004 Medieval Reading Group at the University of Cambridge

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