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The Lecture List for all of the university is published in the Reporter, which is available in Cambridge bookshops (at the cost of about £2.50). Please check websites and lecture lists of the individual departments if you are interested in a particular type of class, as the Reporter is often not up-to-date when it hits the bookshops; there you will also find contact details for lecturers.

Please note that special MPhil classes and some seminars may not be open to students in other departments or at another stage of their research. Some courses run for one term only, and may start in Lent term. Others are advertised across several departments. Please check with individual departments and course coordinators.

The following courses may be of interest to medievalists in Cambridge. This list is not comprehensive, and you may wish to check the complete range of courses in several departments, especially if your research and interests are interdisciplinary.

For reading groups please consult our Reading Groups and Societies page.

If you have any new or updated information regarding lectures, seminars, or courses that might be of interest to medievalists at Cambridge, please email us at "webmaster [at] marginalia.co.uk".

Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

For details on events in the department, please visit the ASNaC webpage.

There is a special section for courses and lectures offered by the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages in the Reporter.
The Language Centre offers a wide range of courses in modern languages, which you may need for travelling to see medieval manuscripts abroad. Signing up normally starts before the start of term and ends in Week 1, and places are limited! They also have language learning materials which can be used for private study.

The French Department offers Old French classes for undergraduates (graduates are also welcome to attend).
At the MPhil level (in European Literature), a Medieval French seminar is offered.

Dr. Neil Wright teaches intensive (!) Latin classes for beginners prior to the beginning of term (they will enable you to join advanced classes during term time).
All Latin classes listed here are taught by Dr Neil Wright.
The Faculty of English offers a Medieval and Renaissance Latin Reading Class as part of the MPhil in Medieval and Renaissance studies, Tuesdays 2pm.
The Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages has Consolidation classes (Fridays 2-4pm) on offer, as well as Basic and Advanced Latin for non-classicists (check times with the Faculty; attendance is compulsory at the first meeting!).
In the Faculty of Divinity you can join Latin classes at Elementary and Advanced levels (times t.b.a.).
The Department of History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) has an informal Latin reading group (catchily entitled “Latin Therapy Group”), where translations of classical texts as well as samples from students’ research materials are tackled by a group of students and staff of diverse abilities – meetings Fri, 4pm during term time – a fun way to maintain and improve Latin skills with slightly unusual texts.

See Latin Therapy

The Faculty of English offers papers on medieval literature, language, and culture for students at various stages of research, as well as a special medieval MPhil programme. Some are organised interdisciplinarily. A selection of aspects covered are: palaeography and codicology, history, archaeology, historical linguistics of English, Irish, Norse, etc.

Note especially the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Tripos (see also above), the MPhil in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and the Medieval Graduate Seminar. Note also that some of these classes are accompanied by online material, e.g. English Handwriting 1500-1700, an online course.

Details about the Medieval Reading Group programme are now available on our MRG page.

Architecture and History of Art
The Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of History of Art both offer a selection of relevant courses and lectures.

The Faculty of History offers a variety of courses focusing on different aspects of medieval history, including a variety of palaeography classes.

The Medieval Economic and Social History graduate seminar will be meeting fortnightly.

The Department of Archaeology invites all interested medievalists to attend the various courses which are held in the McDonald Institute.

The Faculty of Philosophy offers a History of Philosophy Seminar.

History and Philosophy of Science
The Department of History and Philosophy of Science offers several courses throughout the year.

The Crusades and the Latin East Seminars
At St Edmund's College, Cambridge. Organised by Dr. Susan Edgington (Queen Mary, London) and Dr. Rebecca Rist (University of Reading (GCMS)).

Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

No seminars posted at the moment; details about the cerntre's events may be found on the webpage.

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