Marginalia -- The Journal of the Medieval Reading Group at Cambridge

Vol. 12 -- Cambridge Yearbook 2009-2010

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Acknowledgements and Foreword


The Good, the Bad, and the Penitent Thief: Langlandian Extremes, the Edge of Salvation, and the Problem of Trajan and Dismas in Piers Plowman -- Alexander Gabrovsky

'In cordis tui scrinio conserua': Richard Methley, The Cloud of Unknowing and Reading for Affectivity -- Sara Harris


Anthony Bale: Feeling Persecuted: Christians, Jews and Images of Violence in the Middle Ages -- Phil Robins

Helen Cooper: Shakespeare and the Medieval World -- Joanna Bellis

Nicholas Evans: The Present and the Past in Medieval Irish Chronicles and Bernadette Cunningham: The Annals of the Four Masters: Irish History, Kingship and Society in the Early Seventeenth Century -- Aisling Byrne

Brian Murdoch: The Apocryphal Adam and Eve in Medieval Europe: Vernacular Translations and Adaptations of the 'Vita Adae et Evae' -- Sophie A. Sawicka-Sykes

Editorial Board
General Editors: Aisling Byrne (St John's, Cambridge, Literature)
andJoanna Bellis (Pembroke College, Cambridge, Literature)
Issue Editor: Joni Henry (St John's, Cambridge, Literature)
Design Editor: Danica Summerlin (Queens' College, Cambridge, History)
Advisory Board
Dr. Ruth Ahnert (Queen Mary, University of London, Literature)
Dr. Laura Ashe (Worcester College, Oxford, Literature)
Dr. Elizabeth Boyle (St Edmund's College, Cambridge, ASNC)
Prof. Helen Cooper (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)
Dr. Richard Dance (St Catharine's College, Cambridge, ASNC)
Dr. Catherine Eagleton (Curator in the Department of Coins & Medals, British Museum, History of Science)
Dr. Mary Flannery (Queen Mary, University of London, Literature)
Dr. Berthold Kress (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Art History)
Dr. Kathryn A. Lowe (University of Glasgow, Literature)
Dr. John Marenbon (Trinity College, Cambridge, Philosophy)
Dr. Robert Mills (King's College London, Literature, Visual Culture & Theory)
Dr. Sophie Page (University College London, History)
Dr. Catherine Rider (University of Exeter, History)
Dr. Anke Timmermann (University of Glasgow, History and Philosophy of Science)
Dr. Katie Walter (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, Literature)
Dr. James Wade (Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Literature)
Reviews Editors
David Baker (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic)
Siobhan Wyatt (Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Literature)
Journal Committee
David Baker (Magdalene, Cambridge, Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic)
Joanna Bellis (Pembroke, Cambridge, Literature)
Venetia Bridges (Clare College, Cambridge, Medieval Latin)
Aisling Byrne (St John's College, Cambridge, Literature)
Alexander Gabrovsky (Trinity College, Cambridge, Literature)
Megan Galbreth (St John's College, Cambridge, Literature)
Emily Guerry (Pembroke College, Cambridge, History of Art)
Sara Harris (Magdalene College, Cambridge, Literature)
Joni Henry (St John's College, Cambridge, Literature)
Megan Leitch (St. John's College, Cambridge, Literature)
Miriam Muth (Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Literature)
Phil Robins (St John's College, Cambridge, Literature)
Danica Summerlin (Queens' College, Cambridge, History)
Ben Vertannes (Downing College, Cambridge, History)
Siobhan Wyatt (Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Literature)

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