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The Medieval Reading Group (MRG) is a group of graduate students at the University of Cambridge. We founded the MRG last year to create an active scholarly medievalist network within and beyond Cambridge for the exchange of ideas across the disciplines and to enhance professional prospects for Cambridge graduates. Such a network did not then exist, but, as experience has shown, is becoming increasingly possible through existing telecommunications frameworks.

The MRG holds regular meetings in term-time throughout the year, at which medievalists from all disciplines make presentations on topics relating to their particular expertise. We also created this website, which offers many online resources and is a point of contact for medievalists around the world, and we are publishing Cambridge’s first graduate journal for medieval studies, Marginalia, the first issue of which is due out in May Term 2005.

Although we are advised by fellows from various faculties, we have been entirely graduate-run and have ourselves provided the funding for all our meetings and projects since our creation last year. Thus far, our costs have been negligible: we have been able to cover the initial costs of the webspace for the MRG website, of the photocopying of reading material, of light refreshments for our meetings, and of printing. In the coming year, however, we will have to cover the costs of hard-copy and online publication in addition to those we have had to cover up to this point.

We have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in this valuable project, but to ensure that it continues to flourish and to expand, we need financial support. We would be most grateful for any help you can give us. All donations will be used for website maintenance; printing and publication costs for flyers and for our upcoming journal, Marginalia; and materials for MRG meetings. To donate to Marginalia, please click here:
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Many thanks for your kind support. --The Medieval Reading Group

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