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Medieval Authors & Texts
John Audelay (John Spence)
John Lydgate's Fall of Princes (Mary Flannery)
Medieval Hagiography to c.1200 (Sandy Vaughan)
Margery Kempe (Robbins Library Bibliography )
Theory and Criticism
Gender and Sexuality (Ingrid Abreu Scherer)
Postcolonial Midlle Ages? A Short Bibliography (Ingrid Abreu Scherer)
Medieval History
Anglo-Saxon History: A Select Bibliography (Simon Keynes)
Twelfth-Century Historical Writing (Sandy Vaughan)
Propaganda in Fifteenth-Century France (Emily J. Hutchison)
Anglo-Saxon Biblical Exegesis
Medieval Music & Art
A Select Bibliography for Medieval Studies at University of Yale
Science, Medicine & Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Medieval Alchemy (Anke Timmermann)
Medieval Optics and Vision in the 13th Century (Yael Raizman)
Religion in the Middle Ages
Orthodoxy and Heresy (J. Patrick Hornbeck II)
Medieval Cult of Saints (Joni Hand)
Pilgrimage and Crusade
Pilgrims and Pilgrimage at University of York
Female Piety
Female Piety at Medieval Sources Bibliography
Syon Abbey: An Introductory Bibliography (Laura Saetveit Miles)
Church and Laity
Select Bibliography of Official Church Documents Concerning Diocesan and Eparchial Pastoral Councils
Manuscript Studies and Paleography
Paleography and Codicology: An Introductory Bibliography (Martin Irvine)
Palaeography: A Bibliography of Books and Electronic Resources (Abdullah Alger)
Marginalia (1:2005) - Associated Bibliographies

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