Nuntius I.ii (29 January 2005)

-MRG meeting times for Lent Term now confirmed
-Marginalia: call for papers
-The Marginalia Forum and Kalamazoo
-Invitation to join the MRG Committee?
-How to contribute new information to the website
-How to donate to the Medieval Reading Group

Our first term for the 2004-2005 academic year was a productive one. Although we experienced a few ‘teething problems’ during the first few weeks as we tried to organise our meetings in the new English Faculty building, by the end of term we were witnessing a strong turnout for MRG meetings (probably because people finally knew where to go!).

Lent Term promises to be another exciting period for the MRG, particularly as we are gearing up for the publication of our journal, Marginalia (see the note below regarding the Call for Papers). Visitors to our website may have noticed that, once again, there is an awful lot of ‘literature’ on the menu for this term. This is mostly due to the fact that most of our Committee members are in the Faculty of English, as are most of those who attend our meetings. We are, however, hoping to encourage more members from other faculties to join our Committee, to help out with the production of our journal, and to ensure that the MRG is, as we intend it to be, interdisciplinary. As always, we welcome suggestions and contributions of material from medievalists of all disciplines, and we would like once again to thank all those who have helped to build up the MRG and its website over the past six months.

MRG MEETING TIMES FOR LENT TERM NOW CONFIRMED: Although the title of the note pretty much speaks for itself, we would like to make sure that all those who have been visiting our Calendar and MRG pages for the last few weeks can now be at ease: the calendar for Lent Term is set! Please note that all meetings will take place in the Faculty building, and that the specific location will be noted on the display screen just inside the Faculty entrance.

The first meeting will take place this coming Wednesday, 9 February, at 5.15pm, when we will be reading an article by Sarah Kay, entitled ‘Flayed skin as objet a: Representation and Materiality in Guillaume de Deguileville’s Pèlerinage de vie humaine' [Just published in: Medieval Fabrications. Dress, Textiles, Cloth Work, and Other Cultural Imaginings, ed. E Jane Burns. New Middle Ages Series (NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004), 193-205 and 249-51]. There will be a few copies of Sarah Kay's article in the MRG reading tray outside the GCR in the English Faculty. We are making Sarah Kay the focus of this session to run in conjunction with the Literary Theory Seminar on 10th February at 5.00pm where Sarah Kay will give her paper and answer questions.

Also, at the request of some of our members, we will attempt to send out regular reminders regarding upcoming MRG meetings (there should be 4-5 of these per term). We look forward to seeing many of you next week!

MARGINALIA: CALL FOR PAPERS: We have posted a Call for Papers on our Marginalia page for the first issue of our journal. The deadline for submission is 18 March 2005, so there are now fewer than 7 WEEKS left to submit! Please visit our Marginalia page for more details. We would be happy to answer queries and to glance over brief proposals before the deadline. If you have any questions, please email

CV-POSTING: The MRG now offers a CV-posting service on its website. We are offering to post PDF versions of Word-created CVs on Marginalia webspace. Although we are offering this service to those on our Contact lists (both Cambridge Contacts and UK & Worldwide Contacts) free of charge, we do ask for a small donation to help us cover the costs of website maintenance. For more information, please visit

THE MARGINALIA FORUM: The Marginalia Forum ( is the MRG’s message board system. All those who register on it (for free, of course!) will be able to post questions, announcements, and general messages to the graduate medievalist community. There is a new forum on the page regarding conferences, and those of you who will be attending the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo can get in touch with one another regarding travel arrangements, general inquiries, or just to arrange to meet up (I believe there is already at least one post regarding K’zoo travel). Check out the forum and register today!

INVITATION TO JOIN THE MRG COMMITTEE: We would like to invite graduate medievalists from all disciplines within Cambridge to join the MRG Committee and to be a part of the Medieval Reading Group’s administration. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated people who are interested in building up a valuable project and in helping out with the publication of our forthcoming journal. Although we are eager to hear from MPhil and PhD candidates from within the Faculty of English, we would like particularly to encourage graduates from other faculties and departments to join the MRG. If you are interested, please contact Mary Flannery (mcf28 or

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE NEW INFORMATION TO THE WEBSITE: Do you happen to know about a really fascinating conference whose deadline is coming up? Have you recently come across an amazing online resource that every medievalist should know about? Would you like to inform other graduates about a new class, seminar, or reading group that is just starting up? Then you need to get in touch with one of us! To let us know about upcoming conferences at Cambridge or elsewhere, please contact Katie Walter (klw35 or To contribute a link or other online resource to the website, please email Ingrid Abreu Scherer (ia240 or To let us know about a new class, seminar, or reading group, please get in touch with Anke Timmermann (at364 or

HOW TO DONATE TO THE MEDIEVAL READING GROUP: The MRG is a group of graduate students at the University of Cambridge. We founded the MRG last year to create an active scholarly medievalist network within and beyond Cambridge for the exchange of ideas across the disciplines and to enhance professional prospects for Cambridge graduates. Although we are advised by fellows from various faculties, we have been entirely graduate-run and have ourselves provided the funding for all our meetings and projects since our creation last year. In response to some very kind offers of donations from our Contacts and members, we have created a Donations page, through which individuals can make donations to the Medieval Reading Group using PayPal. Please visit for more details. For more information regarding PayPal security, please visit

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