Nuntius I.i (7 October 2004)

- Purpose of the email update, progress on Marginalia
- Welcome to new Cambridge medievalists!
- WHO WE ARE (Anke, Ingrid, Katie, Mary)
- MARGINALIA: The Journal (CFP coming soon)
- CONTRIBUTE! (bibliographies, contact info)

NUNTIUS: We will send out an update regarding the Medieval Reading Group and Marginalia four times a year. The update, Nuntius, will also include news and announcements regarding conferences and other developments in the realm of medieval studies. Between mailings of Nuntius, we will post important announcements on the ‘Nuntius’ section of Marginalia’s home page. If you would like anything specific to be included in Nuntius, either in the email update or on the website, please contact Mary Flannery (

Marginalia has grown rapidly since it was created just a few months ago. We have many new contacts posted, both from Cambridge and from other universities around the world. Our Bibliographies page contains several new bibliographies, and our Conference pages continue to be updated thanks to alerts from our contacts and other helpful individuals. News of the website has also spread rapidly, and we continue to get supportive emails from various institutions around the world. During Michaelmas, we will be preparing for the first issue of MARGINALIA, and will issue a call for papers by email, on our website, and elsewhere. We will also compile more material for the Funding pages, and would be very grateful for any information regarding funding for medievalists available both in and outside of Cambridge. We would like to thank all of those who have been so supportive in the past few months, as well as those who have contributed contact information, bibliographies, links, and other material to Marginalia.

WELCOME TO NEW CAMBRIDGE MEDIEVALISTS! Now that term has started, you probably STILL have lots of questions. To get a bit more clued-in, you may want to check out some of the updated information on Marginalia: lists of courses across all Cambridge departments of interest to medievalists; a list of reading groups for medievalists; the MRG schedule of meetings; information regarding Res Medievales: social events for medievalists; bibliographies, online resources, and much, much more. Also, do take advantage of our free online Forum, a site where medievalists can register to post messages regarding course information, FAQ, and general day-to-day business.

For those of you who are not so new to Cambridge, please watch out for new medievalists in your college/department and let them know about these facilities. Remind your medievalist friends about signing up on Marginalia with their contact information. And, as always: if you have any questions, concerns, information, or contributions, we are here for you.

WHO WE ARE: Many of you already know who we are, but for the benefit of those who don’t:

Ingrid Abreu Scherer – Ingrid is the primary contact for the Bibliographies and Online Resources pages. She is in charge of monitoring their content and of posting new links and new bibliographies. Please get in touch with Ingrid if you would like to suggest a link or contribute a bibliography (

Mary Flannery – Mary is the editor of Marginalia and is responsible for the overall maintenance of the website. She is the primary contact for the Contacts pages, Nuntius, and the Calendar. Please contact her if you would like to request that something be included in Nuntius or in the Calendar (

Anke Timmermann – Anke is in charge of the Medieval Studies and Lectures and Courses pages. As the other three MRG officers are members of the Faculty of English, Anke acts as liaison between the MRG and other faculties and departments within Cambridge. Please get in touch with Anke if you would like something to be included on the Medieval Studies page or on the Lectures and Courses pages (

Katie Walter – Katie is the primary contact regarding MRG meetings and is in charge of both Conference pages. If you would like to suggest a particular topic or text or if you would like to present a paper at a MRG meeting, please get in touch with her ( She is also the person to contact if you would like to notify us of a particular conference at Cambridge or elsewhere that should be posted on our website.

MARGINALIA: THE JOURNAL We will issue a call for papers from our website for the first issue of MARGINALIA sometime late in Michaelmas Term. Although we have not yet decided on the theme of the first issue, we will post that information on our website and will probably also send out an email update – keep your eyes open!

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE: There are many ways to contribute to the development of Marginalia. We are eager to expand our list of contacts, and welcome all submissions of contact and research information via our Submit Contact Info form (available on the menu under Contacts). We would also be grateful for suggested links and especially for contributions of bibliographies. The bibliographies are intended to be resources for all medievalists, and offer a wonderful introduction to a variety of more specialised topics and periods. They are also an opportunity to be published: a contribution to a resource like Marginalia looks great on a CV! Finally, if you have any new or updated information regarding events, conferences, funding, or other interesting or relevant matters, we would be very grateful if you could let us know so that we can alert our online community.

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