2004-2005 Calendar

Michaelmas Term
15 September Deadline for Kalamazoo submissions
5 October Full term begins
13 October Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5pm (Week 1)
Professor Miri Rubin (QMW, London): 'Mary'
20 October MRG 'Welcome' meeting for new graduates, 5.15pm
Medieval Sitcom? 'The Flood' and 'The Miller's Tale'
27 October MRG meeting, 5.15pm
Angrye Younge Man: Hoccleve's 'Complaint' and 'Dialogue with a Friend'
31 October Deadline for 'The Feminine and the Sacred' (Leeds) and 'Vagantes' (Notre Dame)
1 November Deadline for 'France & England in the Later Middle Ages' (York)
3 November Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5pm (Week 4)
Dr. Jacqueline Tasioulas (Clare, Cambridge): 'Christ in the Virgin’s Womb'
10 November MRG meeting, 5.15pm
Critics Interrogated: L. O. Aranye Fradenburg, 'Sacrifice Your Love: Psychoanalysis, Historicism, Chaucer'
17 November MRG meeting, 5.15pm
Telling Women's Secrets: 'The Knowing of Woman's Kind in Childing'
24 November Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5pm (Week 7)
Yu-Chiao Wang (Lucy Cavendish, Cambridge): 'William Caxton’s Romances: His Marketing Strategies, Early Tudor Readers, and Their Responses'
30 November Deadline for 'Material Cultures and the Creation of Knowledge' (Edinburgh)
1 December MRG meeting, 5.15pm
Anke Timmermann (HPS),'Circulation of Alchemical Manuscripts in Medieval Britain' Followed by Christmas Party!
3 December Full term ends

Lent Term
18 January Full term begins
26 January Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5.15pm (Week 1)
Professor Elaine Treharne (Leicester): ‘“The Return of the Native": Redeeming the English in the Twelfth Century’
2 February Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5.15pm (Week 2)
Professor Susan Crane (Columbia): ‘Meanings of Aristocratic Hunting’
9 February MRG 'Welcome back' meeting, 5.15pm
Critics Interrogated: Sarah Kay
10 February Literary Theory Seminar, 5pm
Sarah Kay, ‘Flayed skin as objet a: Representation and Materiality in Guillaume de Deguileville’s Pèlerinage de vie humaine'
16 February MRG meeting, 5.15pm
John Audelay's 'Poem 2': A Fifteenth-Century Find
23 February MRG meeting, 5.15pm
Patrick Hornbeck (St Cross College, Oxford): 'Barn of Unity or Synagogue of Satan? Images of the Church in Langland and the Lollards'
Formal hall at Pembroke at 7.30pm after the talk -- please contact Mary Flannery (mcf28) if you would be interested in attending
2 March MRG Meeting, 5.15pm
Laura Ashe and Laura Clark: 'The Development of the Romance' (reading and details TBA)
9 March MRG meeting, 5.15pm
John Spence: 'Chaucer's Depictions of Motherhood'
16 March Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5.15pm (Week 8)
Professor Rita Copeland (U. of Pennsylvania): 'Medieval Intellectual Biography: The Case of Guido Faba'
18 March Deadling for submissions for the first issue of Marginalia
Full term ends
27 March Easter Day
The Boat Race
31 March-2 April Medieval Academy Annual Meeting (Miami Beach!)

Easter Term
26 April
Full term begins
4 May
Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5pm
Dr Jacqueline Tasioulas (Clare): 'Arcite's Lovesickness'
5-8 May Kalamazoo
11 May
>MRG Meeting, 5.15pm (Week 2)
Weeping Bitches and Other Antifeminist Motifs: Dame Sirith
18 May
Medieval Graduate Seminar, 5pm
Dr Judith Weiss (Robinson): 'The Anglo-Norman Gui de Gui de Warewic and the two Empires'
25 May
MRG Meeting, 5.15pm (Week 4)
Laura Miles: 'The Texts of Syon Abbey, the English Bridgettine House'
1 June
MRG meeting, 5.15pm
Sandy Vaughan: 'William of Malmesbury and his Diocesan Bishop: Reading Dispute Between the Lines'
8 June
MRG meeting, 5.15pm
Critics Interrogated: Postcolonial Middle Ages?
15 June
MRG meeting, 5pm
Pulp Fictions: Popular Medievalisms Colloquium
Note earlier starting time -- this is so that all MPhil students who wish to attend the meeting can also attend the MPhil 'Feedback session' that takes place afterward at 6.15pm in the Faculty
17 June
Full term ends

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